Our Females





Red is our Standard coat female Gsd.

Bva HipScore 9 : 6 = 15



"Sarjette Badi'ah at Belladiable"


Red was our first gsd and loves lots of attention from everyone. She loves playing with water especially chasing the hose pipe around the garden. She has a fantastic temperament and loves lots of walks with her best friend Brandon.


Fergie is our medium/long coat female Gsd.

Bva HipScore 6 : 7 = 13

BVA ElbowScore 1 : 0 = 1



"Hawksglen Elena at Belladiable"


Fergie ( Giggs's sister) is a bubbly energetic young lady she loves lots of fuss from the kids and always gives you those puppy eyes to get a big fuss. Fergie loves long walks up the hills with me. 

Erica is our gold sable long coat female GSD.

BVA HipScore 6 : 4 = 10

BVA ElbowScore 0 : 0 = 0



"Queen Electra at Belladiable"


Erica is our youngest, she is a stunning gold sable colour and has good looks and temperament like her dad "Giggs" with fantastic temperaments from both parents she is going to be a fantastic credit to the German Shepherd breed.


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