Our Females





Black & Tan long coat female Gsd.

Bva Hip Score - To Come

Bva Elbow Score - To Come

DM - To Come

D.O.B = 11/06/2020


"Belladiable Busby Babe"


Becks is our keeper from our last litter from our girl Erica and Sire Bandit (Rockforce GSD). Becks is a bubbly energetic loving girl and has an amazing temperament just like her mum Erica and Grandad Giggs!


Gold Sable long coat female GSD.

BVA HipScore 6 : 4 = 10

BVA ElbowScore 0 : 0 = 0



"Queen Electra at Belladiable"


Erica is our youngest, she is a stunning gold sable colour and has good looks and temperament like her dad "Giggs" with fantastic temperaments from both parents she is going to be a fantastic credit to the German Shepherd breed.


long coat female Gsd.

Bva HipScore 6 : 7 = 13

BVA ElbowScore 1 : 0 = 1



"Hawksglen Elena at Belladiable"


Fergie ( Giggs's sister) is a bubbly energetic young lady she loves lots of fuss from the kids and always gives you those puppy eyes to get a big fuss. Fergie loves long walks up the hills with me. 


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